BKF Recovery

Recuperate the lost BKF files by using an apt BKF recovery tool

To safeguard the data against corruption, a tradition of maintaining the backup is usually followed by most of the organizations. And this backup is created with the help of utilities such as NTBackup.exe and Backup Exec by VERITAS software in the form of BKF files. But despite of taking a backup for security of your crucial data, these BKF files cannot be completely relied upon as they too are very much prone to corruption.

Now, in a mishap situation where these backup files somehow goes corrupt, an immediate step of recovering those files becomes the need of hour. And the recovery can be done by using a proficient tool like Kernel for BKF software. This BKF recovery software is an apt tool to restore the corrupt or lost BKF files that have undergone corruption due to backup interruptions, virus corruption, CRC errors, abrupt system shutdown, etc. The software offers a user interactive environment to its users which facilitates him to perform recovery instantly and without any assistance.

Instant recovery of corrupt BKF files in 3 simple steps:

Kernel for BKF performs recovery of corrupt backup file in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the corrupt BKF file that you want to recover

Step 2: Repair the corrupt files and folders and enlist them in a hierarchical structure

Step 3: Provides options to save the restored files at a desired location

Moreover, to perform precise recovery the software provides two recovery modes- Quick and Advanced mode which can be chosen as per the extent of BKF file corruption. Also, the software facilitates the user to restore multiple BKF files in a single recovery cycle. A free evaluation version of the software can be used before purchasing full licensed version as it helps to analyze the functioning of the software.

Salient Features in a Nutshell :

Crackerjack solution to recover corrupt BKF files

Recovers the STM, EDB and Log files from damaged BKF files instantly

Enables the user to recover multiple BKF files in a single recovery cycle

Offers two powerful recovery modes- Quick mode and Advanced mode

Has a user-friendly and interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Allows to search specific file instantly by providing options to search and locate file

Facilitates the user to save the restored BKF files in hard disk, external drives as well as within remote locations

Even supports recovery of Unicode characters (Non English Characters)

Keeps the structure of original data intact

Provides options of Save Snapshot and Load Snapshot

Makes available the logs of all BKF files that are not saved during recovery process

Completely supports all the BKF files created using ntbackup.exe and Backup Exec by VERITAS software

Versions Supported:

Operating System: Windows 95 with Internet explorer 4.0, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 with internet explorer 4.0, Windows 2000 Up to Service Pack 4, Windows XP (Home, Professional) Up to Service Pack 3, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Free Trial Download:

Download the free trial version of Kernel for BKF Recovery software so as to judge the in-built capability of the software. If the free demo version of the software seems good to you then take the next step of purchasing its full licensed version.